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Everything you wish for in accounting and business management systems has become a reality

Start now and get your hands on one of the most powerful accounting and business management systems in the world!

You can start at $1.9/day (for the core package), and you'll see the difference that ERPMax will make in your professional life

Integrated programit suits the nature of your business to efficiently manage all parts of the work from one place

A comprehensive accounting systemManage accounts, checks, banks, bills, expenses, financial reports, currencies, payments, and many more

Management of companies, institutions, projects and shopsCloud solutions for all sectors with high craftsmanship

Development and supportA dedicated team of accountants, corporate management specialists and financial experts

A global system that was developed to suit the needs of the Palestinian market

  • Large, medium and small enterprises
  • Factories and production lines
  • Wholesale distributors
  • Online stores
  • Offices and self-employment
  • Supermarkets, retail, stores and shops
  • Resturants and entertainment
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Health and services sector
  • Profit and non-profit organizations

Features and benefits you'll love in ERPMax

ERPMax was built to meet the needs of a wide range of businesses while offering an intuitive and creative user experience

A fully fledged accounting system from A to Z

Managing accounts, cheques, banks, invoicing, expenses, bills, financial reports, currencies, payments, ...

Unprecedented point of sale system for shops

Professional user interface, barcode scanning, issuing invoices, returns, exchanging, customer list, offers and discounts, changing the customer, points system, closing cash, posting bills, financial reports and many more

Sales and purchases management

Increase productivity and lower costs by managing your sales and purchase cycles, from purchase to sales orders

Production and manufacturing system

Effectively maintain and manage multilevel bill of materials, production planning, job cards & inventory.

Inventory Management

The tree structure of the stores, the different possibilities of the codes, the tree structure of the item groups, the cost of the import shipment, the number and the batch number for each item.

Human Resource Management

Manage full employee life cycle right from onboarding, payroll, attendance, expense claims, assets to separation.

Customer care system

Deliver a better service experience with an intuitive issue tracker and integrated knowledge base.

Online website and integrated online store

ERPMax comes with a fully featured content management with blogs, web pages and forms with the possibility of online payment.


ERPMax supports all devices, from office devices to tablets and iPads to mobiles of all types and sizes.

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Headquarter AddressAl Bireh - In front of Al Bireh Municipality - Abed Al Fattah Karakrah Building - 2nd Floor

Office Phone+970 2 296 6527


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